• High quality silk for your hair - Unlike the cheaper heatless hair rods, hair curlers or hair rollers available, our heatless hair curler and scrunchies are made from the highest 6A-grade 22 Momme Mulberry silk, with cotton filling, durable and a long-term investment. Silk protein is similar to human keratin, and does not generate static electricity, preventing hair tangles and breakage. Unlike cotton products, that absorb moisture, the 22 Momme silk leaves hair tangle free and hydrated!
  • No heat curls, no damage - Unlike electrical appliances that seriously affect your hair in time, this product can be safely used by anyone and as frequently as desired, !
  • No fuss and no mess - Our silk hair curler for heatless waves is easy to use! Wrap your hair, one strand at a time, one on top of the other, from the top of your head, on the curling ribbon, as shown in the instructions included in the package and in the video. Get overnight curls by wearing it while sleeping (on dry hair) or leave it on for 3-5 hours (on slightly damp hair). Make sure your hair is dry before removing the headband, by using a hair dryer on low heat if necessary.
  • Extremely easy to use - Our Tik Tok heatless curling headbands are very comfortable and will not hinder your sleep - nifty sleep hair curlers for amazing heatless curls! No need to use hair clips, as they will create creases on the top of your head - just folow our instructions!
  • Be the best gift giver - Perfectly packaged in a luxury gift box engraved with silvery letters and carefuly wrapped in an organza bag for storage, you can now offer it to the special someones in your life - your Mother, Daughter, friends... or just make it a gift to yourself, you are worth it!

Product Description

Matasse Silk Your Life hair curler and gift boxMatasse Silk Your Life hair curler and gift box

How to care for your silk hair curler set

Gently swirl the products around in cool water and a mild soap or detergent. Rinse the products, making sure to remove all detergent residue. Lay them over a dry towel and roll the towel up to squeeze out the excess water. Leave them to dry on a different dry towel, out of direct sunlight.

How To Use


How to use - It is easy, like on Tik Tok! Part your hair in the middle, then secure the part you're not working on with a scrunchie. Roll up your hair strands tightly, one on top of the other, from your hairline down, front to back, as shown in the video and instructions. If the headband is not holding, it means the strands are not wrapped tightly enoug!

Not to be used on wet hair - Unlike cotton products, that absorb moisture, silk does not act like a sponge, so do not use it on wet hair. Hair should be slightly damp, or dry if left overnight, and you must make sure your hair is dry before removing the curling set, by using a blow dryer, on low heat, if necessary.