• ♥ WHILE OTHER CLOTH PANTY LINERS can contain many harmful ingredients; and can be washable only at 30° C, the ‘natissy’ reusable panty liners are MADE IN EUROPE with with only natural materials and can be washed at 95° C. You only wish the best for your body – FEEL SAFE and FEEL LOVED!
  • ♕ FEEL COMFORTABLE with the ultra-soft and thin fabric layer against your skin. Our reusable panty liners are perfect for daily usage, especially they are great for giving you extra protection from normal vaginal discharge, as well as those periods of increased discharge, like when you’re ovulating, before and after your period, but NOT during menstrual period. They protect your underwear while remaining DISCREET, FLEXIBLE, and SUPER COMFORTABLE.
  • ☀ FEEL GOOD saving money and reducing landfill waste. Normally, 30 disposable sanitary pantyliners are used every month! Over a lifetime that is a HUGE saving by simply investing in washable and reusable cloth pantyliners. With proper care, liners will last you for many years as opposed to few hours in the case of disposables. Just imagine NOT HAVING TO BUY PANTYLINERS AT ALL – at least for 5 years!
  • ♀ IT’S YOUR CHOICE! By choosing to use natural pantyliners you are doing the best for yourself and you help the environment as well. Try our new collection of healthy and reusable pantyliners with wings. The ‘natissy’ cloth liners will IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH AND LIFE and so will keep you HAPPY and CALM.
  • ✋ 100% SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED if you are not completely happy with your purchase of reusable cotton panty liners. We are on a mission to help the next generation of women realise that their body is unique and therefore we believe the 'natissy' reusable cloth pantyliners are a perfect solution for health-conscious women.

From the brand

Fill your home with products derived from nature, by nature, with nature in mind.

Our story

How we got our start?
With the aim of caring for future generations, we have developed an array of natural products for women in personal care and home niche that will improve your life and help protect the environment.
What makes our product unique?
We believe that it is possible to develop products from natural materials without adding toxic ingredients and that can be reused multiple times. The use of such products does not harm women’s health and preserve the nature at the same time.
Why we love what we do?
It's important to us that our products are all toxic-free and sustainable. Even though, in a way, we are stepping back to the traditional way of life of our ancestors, don't worry, we have added a modern twist!

Product Description

Natissy reusable panty linersNatissy reusable panty liners

Look no further as you just found what you need the most – reusable panty liners for women, created and produced in EUROPE.

WHY CHOOSE US in comparison to Chinese cloth panty liners?

· We care for your HEALTH amp; ENVIRONMENT: produced without chemicals and with high quality fabric, so you feel just like wearing underwear. You will completely forget you’re wearing reusable panty liners.

· TOXIC-FREE natural fabric keeps you away from allergic reactions and helps your skin to breathe. No more dry and irritated skin, only feeling fresh and comfortable.

· ​SOFT SIDES do not fold up along the edge and do not rub your sensitive skin. You can now freely enjoy your daily activities!

· ​The wings let them to STAY IN PLACE, so you do not need to adjust them throughout the day and they won’t be seen through clothing.

· High quality fabric, fair wages, locally produced and handmade IN THE EU with love.

· Washable at 203° F (and NOT only at 68° F), so you do not need to buy a new pack every month, which helps you to SAVE MONEY LONG TERM and allow you to PROTECT THE NATURE at the same time.

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Natissy reusable sanitary pads Natissy reusable sanitary pads Natissy reusable sanitary pads Natissy reusable sanitary pads Natissy reusable sanitary pads Natissy reusable sanitary pads
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Fixed with snap closure ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
Suitable for Daily usage amp; vaginal discharge Daily usage amp; vaginal discharge Menstrual cycle amp; in combination with the menstrual cup Menstrual cycle amp; in combination with the menstrual cup Menstrual cycle, postnatal bleeding amp; light incontinence Menstrual cycle, postnatal bleeding amp; light incontinence
Great for day Great for day Great for day - light flow Great for day - moderate flow Great for night - moderate amp; heavy flow Great for night - heavy flow