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  • Infinite-Z-axis for Endless Printing: Equipped with the rolling conveyor belt, the CR-30 enables you to print “infinitely” on the Z axis for large prints or production lines producing smaller parts, making it a highly productive mini-factory right on your desk.
  • Rolling Conveyor Belt: The wear-resistant conveyor belt on the CR-30 features excellent layer adhesion. In addition, prints will fall off automatically when they reach the belt ends, making it a smoother workflow for you to print continuously.
  • Stable Core-XY Structure: The stable and sturdy Core-XY precision structure with isosceles right triangle support gives you an extraordinary printing experience.
  • Dual-gear Metal Extruder: High-quality dual-gear metal extruder, provides better grip and filament pushing force, allows for large filament spools, combined with the 45 degrees slanting nozzle, the CR-30 is capable of 200 hours of continuous printing.
  • Exclusive 3DPrintMill Slicer: Specially designed slicer CrealityBelt is available for download. It prioritizes ease of use and thus makes it easier for you to explore this brand new belt printer.

Product Description

Creality CR-30/Naomi Wu's 3DPrintMill

Creality CR-30 Naomi Wu's 3D PrintMill Banner with key features: infinite Z and batch printingCreality CR-30 Naomi Wu's 3D PrintMill Banner with key features: infinite Z and batch printing

What Makes it Special

The 3DPrintMill (Creality CR-30) is a cross between a traditional 3D printer and a conveyer belt. With its conveyor-belt style print bed and 45° printing angle, this innovative belt printer allows you to print continuously, which makes printing long props in one-piece and batch printing possible. In addition, you can also print perfect unsupported overhangs with the printer. If you are running a 3D Print Farm to do mass production or if you are a cosplay enthusiast looking for a printer to print the costumes, the CR-30/3D PrintMill is definitely worth trying.


"tr" "td" "span" Creality CR-30 3D Printer / 3DPrintMill "tr" "td" "span" FDM "tr" "td" "span" Semi-assembled "tr" "td" "span" Cartesian Core-XY, infinite-Z "tr" "td" "span" ±0.1mm "tr" "td" "span" 0.4mm "tr" "td" "span" Single nozzle "tr" "td" "span" ≤100℃
"span" Product Name
"span" Technology
"span" Assembly
"span" Mechanical Arrangement
"span" Printing Precision
"span" Nozzle Diameter
"span" Extruder Type
"span" Hot Bed Temperature
"tr" "td" "span" 0.1mm-0.4mm "tr" "td" "span" 1.75mm "tr" "td" "span" 200*170*∞mm "tr" "td" "span" 535*656*410mm "tr" "td" "span" 685*565*302mm "tr" "td" "span" 16.5kg "tr" "td" "span" 20.5kg
"span" Layer Height
"span" Filament Diameter
"span" Print Size
"span" Product Size
"span" Package Size
"span" Product Net Weight
"span" Package Gross Weight

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