• [ HELPS PREVENT PLAQUE AND TARTAR ] According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, 80% of all dogs and cats will suffer from dental problems by the age of 3. bluestem has been proven to help reduce tartar without brushing by up to 25.4%*. Did you know that dental disease is the most preventable illness in pets? When you establish a daily routine of dental health using a water additive that your pets will love, you are providing a healthier future. *Study summary available upon request.
  • [ HOW IT WORKS ] Simply put, coactive technology, scientifically formulated and backed by clinical data to disrupt bacterial biofilms to fight plaque and tartar, freshen breath, and promote good dental and oral hygiene. This is a very scientific way of saying that our chews have the ability to safely improve the health of your dog's teeth and gums. This is what separates our rawhide chips from the rest.
  • "li" [ ENJOY YOUR PET'S KISSES AGAIN ] Although loving affection from your pet can be one of the joys in life, one with bad breath can ruin your day. By simply giving them our rawhide chips, you can easily enjoy their kisses within just a few days. Kissing aside, did you know that the main indicator of dental problems is bad breath? Our rawhide not only freshens breath but helps fight plaque and tartar as well.
  • [ SAFE FOR DOGS ] Our raw hides are safe for your dog. Other products on the market may contain unsafe ingredients. Our food-grade ingredients are alcohol-free, xylitol-free, chlorhexidine-free, and sugar-free. They DO NOT contain any artificial colors, making our rawhide chews safe for your pet no matter it’s size. Study summary available upon request.
  • [ A TRUSTED COMPANY ] As fellow pet owner's and lovers we understand the importance of safe products for our furry little friends, that's why our products are made and tested in our laboratories here in North America. Our rawhide chips are Notified under Health Canada’s rigorous VHP (Veterinary Health Products) program. Many other pet oral care brands do not comply with Health Canada’s regulations. Our mission is to make sure we are looking out for your pets’ long term health.

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