• Recommended by oral experts for the treatment of tooth cracks for Adult. Made in Hong Kong. Package Included 1 tube 100g CAREDO Repairing dental enamel cracks toothpaste
  • Regeneration and repair cracked teeth, tooth cracks and tooth sensitivity. Simulated restoration of cracked teeth. Repair cracked teeth. Eliminate tooth sensitive pain. Repair enamel cracks. Increase the gloss and whiteness of teeth.
  • Forming a new repairing dentin. Thickening the wall of teeth canal tube. Restore the original chewing power of the teeth and prolong the life of the teeth for more than 10 years.
  • Repair visible cracks perpendicular to enamel surface. Remove pigment from teeth cracks Repair rough tooth surface, beautify teeth. Repair enamel micro cracks caused by large temperature difference
  • Recovery from dental enamel cracks within 3-10 months of using CAREDO Toothpaste. Dental enamel imbricate mineralized crystals. Repairing dental enamel cracks. Avoid tooth decay and pigmentation, and make tooth enamel smooth, white and shiny

Product Description

HK PROSTHODONTICS MEDICINE LIMITED was founded with the purpose of providing the dental profession with a complete solution to treating dental caries, periodontitis, gingivitis and cracked teeth.

"tbody" "th" Child Cavities Toothpaste "th" Periodontitis Toothpaste "th" Teeth Crack Toothpaste "th" Gingivitis Toothpaste "th" Adult Cavities Pulpitis Toothpaste
Child P C G A
Treatment Cavities ✓ ✓
Treatment Pulpitis ✓
Treatment for early-middle stage periodontal disease ✓ Relieve early periodontitis
Repair cracked and Eliminate tooth sensitive teeth ✓
Treatment Gingivitis ✓ ✓
Repairs Enamel Surface and Enamel Strengthening ✓ ✓ ✓
Tooth Plaque Removal ✓ ✓ ✓
Whitening Power ✓ ✓
Tooth Tartar Removal ✓ ✓