• NO EMULSIFIERS! We only use 100% pure, UNBOUND OIL to preserve the fatty acids which are responsible for destroying free radicals and to ensure the effective breakdown of bacterial biofilm.
  • GREAT TASTE: Naturally sweetened with powerful, plaque-fighting xylitol. Eliminates the gagging commonly associated with oil pulling. Also REMOVES CANNABIS STAINS from teeth better than any other mouthwash!
  • ARTISAN CRAFTED IN SMALL BATCHES and created specifically for those who cherish and respect the ritual of self-care. Non-gmo, natural, wholesome, and good. Prepared with genuine respect for the ancient, time-honored, Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling.
  • WHITENS TEETH and FRESHENS BREATH BETTER than plain coconut oil thanks to the activated charcoal. Think of it as a "more efficient way to oil pull".
  • EASY TO USE: Just swish or brush with it for a few minutes a day for great results.

Product Description


Black Oil Mouthwash is the world’s first and only of its kind. An exquisite union of natural oils, sweet xylitol, and activated charcoal bring your mouth to a level of clean rarely experienced with any other mouthwash. It nourishes your gums, destroys plaque, melts away smoker’s tar and resin stains, whitens teeth, soothes dry mouth, and leaves your breath at its very freshest.

Black Oil Mouthwash was originally designed as a delicious alternative to oil pulling, but we've found that it is a great tooth brushing booster! Just pour a little on your toothbrush (with or without toothpaste) and brush as usual. With the oil’s ability to dissolve plaque and the charcoal for whitening, you’ll end up with a MUCH more efficient brushing routine. Plus, you’ll use less mouthwash .

"p" What is oil pulling?

"p" Black Oil Mouthwash is based on the 5000-year old Ayurvedic tradition of swishing oil between your teeth in an effort to detoxify your mouth and your entire body. Today, we call it oil pulling and it’s getting a lot of lip service for its health and beauty perks. Part of the allure is in it’s simplicity to improve your oral health and detoxify your body, all with just the swishing a little oil in your mouth. Because, as it turns out, the plaque on your teeth is fat-soluble and the lipids in the oil will break down and absorb the toxic debris and bad bacteria left lingering after regular brushing and flossing.

"p" According to ancient texts, it is said to cure over 30 systemic diseases. Oil pullers around the world have experienced clearer skin, whiter teeth, healthier gums, some weight loss, thicker hair, less plaque amp; cavities, increased energy, fresh breath, reduced symptoms of TMJ, better sleep, reduction in hot flashes, improved sinus health, and even cured hangovers!

"p" The theory behind oil pulling is an interesting one. Since the mucosa tissue in your mouth is oil permeable, it is thought that the swishing stimulates an exchange through your cheeks and while your sucking and pulling the oil through your teeth, you are also pulling the toxins out of your blood through your cheeks. When you spit out the oil, you are spitting out the toxins.

"p" If you’ve ever tried oil pulling, you may have found the experience to be less than pleasant and that’s why you’ll love Black Oil Mouthwash. It makes swishing with oil a pleasant task with it’s sweet taste and luscious texture. It’s not too thick or abrasive, but you’ll feel the texture of the activated charcoal powder flowing between your teeth as you swish. It feels like little washcloths scrubbing between your teeth in places you know your toothbrush will never reach, it’s wonderful!

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Pure Activated Charcoal Ensures Fresh Breath


The activated charcoal particles bind to organic compounds (stains and odors) and act like little sponges. Our activated charcoal is from renewable hardwood trees grown in North-Eastern U.S. and we chose it because it was the least gritty of the dozens we experimented with. And don’t worry, after swishing and spitting, your teeth will not appear black

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Highest Quality Xylitol Makes Swishing Taste Great


We only use the finest quality xylitol made from 100% USA grown birch tree bark. If you look around, you’ll find that most of the oral care products out there containing xylitol are made using corn husks and stalks, usually from China and usually GMO but not ours!