• 6 PACK - Includes 2 Big Toe Caps and 4 Small Toe Caps
  • 8 PACK - Includes 2 Big Toe Caps and 6 Small Toe Caps
  • 12 PACK - Includes 4 Big Toe Caps and 8 Small Toe Caps
  • SOFT SILICONE GEL - Our PediDoc Toe Caps are made from medical grade gel that's breathable and flexable.
  • "li" INSIDE SOCKS AND SHOES - They can be worn barefoot or in socks and shoes. By day or night. By men and women.

Product Description

Tired, Achy toes?Tired, Achy toes?
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PediDoc Toe Caps work by cushioning and protecting the toe, reducing friction between the foot and footwear and acting as a shock absorber. They are anatomically shaped to fit without taking up space in the shoe. Experience the comfort of walking through life with your every step cushioned by a PediDoc Toe Cap.